1. I want my poop burgers to be shaped like a tetrahedron!

    When you think about it, much of the food chain involves poop:

    Those vegetables? Fertilized with shit.
    Those mushrooms? Shit flowers.
    Organic food? More shit, less chemistry.

  2. This comment from MetaFilter is about what I was going to write:
    “There’s no way the Human Centipede film franchise will ever have a possible food-related merchandising tie in” is something I believed with all my heart and mind until five minutes ago.

    1. My favorite comment from metafilter:

      I’ll take a large number two meal, please.
      posted by no relation at 12:00 PM on June 16 [16 favorites]

  3. Sounds like a great idea, but at those prices, who can afford it?
    Maybe in a few years, but until then it will be only for very special occasions i think.

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