Chef Gets By TSA Screeners At O’Hare With Four Huge Knives In His Bag

TSA continues to be a complete joke.

Another day, another example of the ineptitude of the TSA screeners at American airports. The latest news comes from an award-winning Chicago chef who says that while the screeners were busy worrying about the contents of his pockets, they completely missed an arsenal of knives in his carry-on.


  1. I went through a full body scanner at an airport the other day with a pocket full of live ammo (long story, no, I’m not into guns in any way). I forgot all about it until I reached in my pocket while on my flight home and had an “oh shit” moment. I guess that’s a problem when one flies as much as I do–I got complacent and made a mistake. BUT, why I wasn’t caught is beyond my comprehension.

  2. I feel for the poor TSA screener that missed this. He could have had 4 sweet chef-grade knifes to take home after they were confiscated.

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