1. After all, it is soooo much more likely that a space ghost rearranged the woman’s DNA than a lab tech or somebody else in the chain of custody of the DNA got the sample(s) mixed up.

  2. So being born again will help you get out of jail? No wonder so many convicts find religion when they’re behind bars.

  3. The fact that a person with this sort of background is actually saying “DNA” struck me as a sort of victory for science and rationalism

  4. Shit, we have to get Christianity on WHO’s list of potential carcinogens right away! People need to know about this health threat.


  5. Hey, y’all, don’t you know that that science stuff is something to believe in or not believe in? For instance, evolution and climate change. You just can’t believe in them, but you shore kin believe in changing DNA.

  6. I used to hear crazy stuff like this in church all the time. ‘Somebody once walked on water, virgins can give birth, snakes talk sometimes, some guy lived to be 969, water into wine, blah blah blah blah blah.’ It was some pretty insane shit.

  7. It’s not as if this is, y’know, a troubling indicator of the poor standards employed in preservation of DNA evidence or anything.

  8. I’ll be impressed when he whips out the word “nucleotides.” Until then, I’ll assume he fell asleep watching CSI and dreamed this up.

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