1. I just get the impression they got on a roll and started randomly grabbing things to shred. ‘We ain’t got no wimmen workin’ here, let’s shred those feminine products’
    ‘Hell, let’s get rid of that ugly couch in the boss’ office!’

    The video cut off but I imagine next was their managers Volvo and two homeless dudes found by the dumpster.

  2. Excellent machine. But imagine what would happen if you got your hand caught in the thing? It seems like it would suck your whole body in and spit you out like a box of tampons.

    1. Watch the movie “30 days of night”
      There’s one of these in there the size of a small car. It’s affectionately called “the Muffin Muncher”

  3. I think it was all stuff left over from a bad relationship break-up.

    “Take that Candi you tramp! Screw you, your tampons and your cantaloupe too!”

  4. “…and lo, there was a thunderous bellow as all of the heavens watched the moon lowered into the machine that destroys everything. The destruction was swift, leaving only a pile of fine dust, and the lamb broke the fourth seal.”

  5. I actually found that pretty stressful to watch, the way they were being so cavalier around and uncovered machine that would eat their arm in seconds.

    But yeah, I totally want one. We have a huge pile of tampons to get rid of.

  6. This is a grinder used extensively in the wastewater treatment business, so yes, tampons are high on the list, surprised they didn’t do condoms too since people regularly flush those down the toilet when they are not supposed to.

  7. I’ve seen this thing before, it’s called a Muffin Monster. They’re meant to be installed at sewage treatment plants and so on. Thus the tampons. That of course begs the question, WHO THE HELL FLUSHES TENNIS SHOES?!?

    To really shine you on, they should toss in one of those Blendtec “will it blend?” blenders. I think I can predict the winner.

    1. I’m pretty sure there was a point in the ’90s where i was in a band called “Muffin Monster.” Kinda blurry though…

    1. Sadly, I couldn’t find any info on the current whereabouts of Woody’s guitar. It certainly helped knock off some Fascists in its time.

  8. i was waiting for them to try and put an identical machine through it to see what happens.

    @Rampage_Rick: Who flushes shoes? who the hell flushes a couch? 😀

  9. I recently saw a video of a giant-sized one of these machines which made VERY short work of a refrigerator. Quite impressive! Wonder how it would handle an ex-spouse?!?

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