1. Yeah. Whether or not you think he did anything “wrong”, there’s just no getting around what a huge distraction it is from getting real work done.

  2. I just don’t understand the reaction. This is the most innocent of all the sexual scandals, yet it appears to be the most upsetting and unforgivable yet. We should have forgotten about it by now.

    I just don’t want him to resign. He was the only Democrat that could convince me the party had a future.

    1.           I understand how you feel. At first every time I heard about this my reaction was to shake my head and roll my eyes and go back to what I was doing. It seemed like he had a few too many drinks and did something he may not even remember. But it turns out he’s done this several times and we were lucky enough to get the PG-rated version, not the R-rated versions.

                It’s always important to separate the politics from the act and that brings up questions. If he weren’t a US Representative, what would happen? Would the cops show up at his house? What if he’d done this to one of his employees (in fairness he did not)? What would feminists say about his actions and why haven’t they said anything? How does his pregnant wife feel and how would you feel if you found out your spouse was sexting a bunch of people? When you stop and think about it, his actions are actually pretty serious.

  3. Only when the GOP withdraws the standing ovation they gave David Vitter for weathering the furor over his booking prostitutes from the Senate floor.

    Until then he should tough it out until and unless his constituents say otherwise.

  4. The woman he tweeted the pic of his junk to which got him into this mess has gone on record stating that she was confused as to why he would send her a picture like that in the first place. He has never made any statements denying this.

    So he’s basically a subway flasher in 140 characters or less. Time to resign.

    I’m not sure I understand the Vitter comparisons. Vitter should have resigned also. I don’t form my opinions based on the reactions by a scumbag like Vitter who is a member of a political party I don’t like nor respect.

    1. This. Everyone seems to think that this was “sexting” and nothing more.
      The real issue is that he sexually harassed a woman, who neither requested nor consented to being sent the photos.

    2. I think he should resign, and as part of his resignation he should suggest Vitter resign too. Then at least something good could come out of this.

  5. I’d like him to resign, not because of any moral outrage, but because as a liberal, I don’t want him to be a distraction and to give the Republicans more ammunition to use against the Democrats. Yes, the reaction has been absolutely ridiculous, but that’s how the Republicans and their allies at Fox News operate. When a Republican is caught in a sex scandal, it’s no big deal. When a Democrat gets caught (especially an outspoken one), it’s the worst thing ever. But nonetheless, at this point, Wiener is a liability, and for the good of the Democratic party, I think he should get out.

  6. He should resign for what Lucy pointed out above. He should also resign for being so INCREDIBLY stupid and giving the GOP something to rally around for weeks. It wasn’t a mistake. Just because you get caught doesn’t make it a mistake.

  7. Had he been straight out honest from the get-go, I’d probably have a little more sympathy for the man. It’s not so much the sad little deed he did that bothers me, but his lying about it. What else would he lie about if still in office. Sorry Tony. You gots ta’ go.

    1. I would be able to forget the whole business if he had just came clean about it from the beginning. Once you’ve shouted down the press with nothing but pure lies, I’m afraid I can’t trust you any longer.

  8. Yeah, kinda. If he can’t keep it in his pants it makes me wonder about his fitness for office – same with Clinton and Spitzer, Edwards, all the rest. (I list them because they’re on my team.) It’s pathological. They need psychological help. There’s something wrong with all these men.

    Very disappointing.

  9. Clinton’s transgression was larger (real life, not virtual), his lie was larger (under oath), and the whole thing overshadowed waaayyyy more in terms of important government work. It’s tough to argue that Weiner should resign without also saying that Clinton should have resigned in 98.

    You could say that Clinton and Lewinsky had a consensual thing going whereas Weiner forced the lewd photos at the college girl, but don’t forget the role the Paul Jones sexual harassment suit played in Clinton’s impeachment either.

    I feel like it’s up to Weiner, in terms of the scrutiny he’s willing to put himself and his family through. This scandal is only going to get less attention from here on in, so he can rebound politically. Hell, Ted Kennedy killed a girl in 69 and got re-elected in 70.

  10. He got caught “thinking with his pants”. Most guys have done this. Should he resign? No. Would I vote for him? Yes.

  11. He showed REALLY poor judgement. He lied, and lied very poorly. For a politician, lying poorly is worse than just lying, IMHO. Given that he’s newly married and his wife is pregnant, he’s a sleazy douchebag. Yes, he should resign.

  12. he should resign his twitter account.

    but he should continue representing his constituents, the ones who voted him into the job.

    and please – if they make weiner resign then they should make the scandal-ridden repubs resign as well (looking at you vitter!)

  13. Not an american citizen, nor even care about the way you people conduct sexual scandals there. My point is a simple one: based on his absurd record of palestinian-holocaust denying, the world would be better of without him.

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