One Man’s Quest to Find Bin Laden’s Watery Grave

From The Atlantic Wire:

Next month, a 67-year-old salvage diver from Fallbrook, California will journey to the North Arabian Sea to comb the depths of the ocean in search of the body of Osama bin Laden. It’s a very expensive obsession this man has, and it made him very popular in the national and local media this weekend. Here’s what we know about Bill Warren, the Osama hunter who refuses to give up.

Who is this guy? He’s a self-proclaimed “expert underwater treasure hunter.” According to the New York Post, he has found “more than 200 wrecks” and is “confident he can find bin Laden’s body.” He told CNN that “there’s no treasure that’s ever eluded him, and doesn’t expect bin Laden’s corpse to be the first.” He insisted, “There’s never been a shipwreck I didn’t find.”


  1. Amazing!

    What will it be:

    Tragic boating accident?

    A ‘no snipes because I want to sort out payment quickly’ ebay auction.

    The Terrorist’s brain is missing.

    He’s a plant and the wooly flakey ‘resisted arrest dumped in the sea story ‘was a double bluff to make everyone a skeptic before he finds the real Bin Laden which means the govornment are HONEST and ‘the wikileaks documents are fabricated?’

    No body, no conclusive proof about anything.

  2. As an marine geophysicist who uses these technologies on a daily basis to conduct underwater surveys, I can say, with great confidence, that this sounds like complete nonsense (to use a technical term). You wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a body and a mound of sand at that depth. Searching for bodies in a river where you know about where the person should be, is very, very difficult. This article probably was not even worth my time writing this response.

    1. I was gonna suggest something similar. I find it hard to believe that they tossed OBL into the sea intact; there’s plenty of extremists who would try to find the body to enshrine him as a martyr. Of course, there’s always the question of did they REALLY dump his body in the sea?

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