Crane Crushes House

(It happens about 2 minutes in)

From KSTP:

A Shoreview homeowner was having a giant hot tub placed in his backyard. They weren’t able to go around the house with it, so a company with a crane helped place it over the house. The crane toppled right on top of the roof over the garage.

The Ramsey County Sheriff’s Department says they were told a computer malfunction caused the crane to topple Friday. No one was hurt.


  1. The amount of load a crane can move is dependent on limiting the torque that the weight and extension of the boom allow. This was a simple math error or as it often the case with cranes toppling, no one did the math. It is a simple multiplication (distance times weight) and a computer is not required. It would be a selling feature if cranes had sensors to determine the allowable loading and extension and not permit overloading but I would do the calculation myself just to make sure.

    1. Also, that crane should be able to easily handle a fiberglass hot tub. They may have cut corners and not installed the necessary number of counterweights before starting the job.

    2. The bigger cranes have load computers so the operator doesn’t have to do the math. The computers don’t have control of the crane operations, but they will indicate if there’s an overload condition. Either the computer was given incorrect data, or the operator ignored the warnings the computer gave him.

      Could be worse though. Loss of a hottub and some roof trusses – big deal. How about dropping a 6.5 million dollar turbine shaft?

      Or you could just pull one wrong lever and fuck up several cranes in the process:

  2. Either the crane has a deadman switch on the seat or the engine just died on it as it tipped. Either way an exciting way to have your hot tub delivered!

  3. Plan B.: Helicopter Hot tub drop
    Plan C.: Build a railroad to the back yard
    Plan D.: Fill the neighborhood with water and float the hot tub to the back yard
    Plan E.: Slide house over a few feet, roll hot tub into back yard

    1. Wow. Looks like they brought two cranes to lift one out.
      I recorded this a few weeks ago–two houses down from me. Nothing too spectacular, but it’s the biggest crane in our town lifting out a tree– I can see how these collapses can happen if calculations are incorrect…

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