1. Heaven help me, but I love Hell’s Kitchen. It’s trash, but it’s fun trash. It’s the only reality show I’ll watch.

  2. Definitely Top Chef. I like the fact that they’re given such curveballs/obstacles and still have to come up with a winning dish. The rules are never the same, keeps it fresh

  3. I am quite the fan of Hoarders.

    Also watch reruns of The Little Couple. Her clothes are always perfectly fitted, both are funny and upbeat people- I like seeing decent human beings getting tons of attention for a change.

  4. For me it’s Cheaters.

    I think they have the intention for all of them to be real but either they don’t have the time/budget or some of the the real ones spin into nothing so they need to fake some and my guess is that is 2/3 real. it’s sometimes fun spotting why the fake ones are fake.

    Joey Greco is magnificent with his fake concern/egging on and the reveals fake and real are amazing. It doesn’t hurt that there’s that pathetic footage of him being ‘stabbed’ out there (unless that was a dream).

    Of course when you outline why you like a reality show, you sound like the people that you roll your eyes at when they describe the ones you hate that makes you think of them as morons.

    My theory is it’s land-on TV. With so many bad channels, people spend hours surfing and it’s the show that can grab attention in .00005 of a second that will win. We love seeing real people doing stuff, anything, so it’s a perfect hook to make you land on that channel.

  5. I recently heard of a reality show that picqued my interest: the real housewives of Athens/Israel/Vancouver. Sounds more interesting than any reality tv show I’ve watched.

  6. I can’t decide between Dirty Jobs and America’s Funniest Home Videos. One is interesting, the other is funny, but both feature real people who aren’t spending their lives trying to “be on TV.”

  7. Pawn Stars. Not just because of some of the historical artifacts that pop up, and there are a LOT, but rather a certain Schadenfreude when some pompous ass strolls in with what he just KNOWS is practically the Holy Grail and gets taken down a few hundred notches when informed it’s a fake.

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