• pvc

    Isn’t it unpatriotic of Madame Hee-Haw to go to the UK and warn the British…of something.

  • Mike K

    I would pay big money to see Thatcher diss Palin to her face. Even more money if I get to video tape her reaction. I’m sure Grizzly Hag is already preparing her sour grapes retort… “I wasn’t really wanting to meet her. I-just… you know, thought it would be kinda polite of me to um… for the leading ladies of two countries with such rich history to, you know, meet and share ideals.”

    • Legion600

      Too many complete sentences for a Palin response. There also needs to a “you betcha.”

    • ….and she’d have to write her notes on what to say in crayon….

  • Barbwire

    Hooray for the Iron Butterfly! For once, I agree with her whole-heartedly.