1. Those who chant for for hate, death and slaughter invite it on themselves. Israel has a serious problem with institutional racism and exclusion that includes christians and arabs. The United States needs to do a complete change in policy vis a vis Israel and require moderation of this racist environment.

    Of course, this is not likely to happen anytime soon.

    As it is said – payback is a bitch.

    1. “Those who chant for for hate, death and slaughter invite it on themselves.”

      If you think this lot are the only ones calling for death, hate and slaughter you are sadly mistaken.

      I hate the false choice we’re presented with that I have to support either side in this mess. Both have valid points and both use abhorrent tactics to advance their aims.

      1. Totally agree. Just because I don’t support Israel does not mean I’m an anti-semite, and just because I bad mouth the Palestinians does not mean I side with Israel. The whole situation is so frustrating and stupid that I flat out refuse to choose a side. To me,it is like the middle east/Gaza strip is run by the unruly teenagers of the world. If these assholes could just get past their stupid gods and get the fuck over themselves everyone involved would be better off.

      2. I am not suggesting that all Israelis are racist – but the fact is these racist events are condoned, sanctioned and tacitly encouraged by the Israeli government. This is what US foriegn policy should be demanding changes on. By our funding of Israel military, police and policy, we are complict supporters of these provacative demonstrations and the racist hating baiters that participate in them.

        Our policy has been pretty clear with low to zero tolerance of palestinian demonstrations and even elections because of similar factions.

        As the other commenter notes – it is directly comparable to substitute swastikas for the stars on these flags and brown shirts for the yarmulkas.

        Isreal – take a look in the mirror.

  2. I sit in an insulated little world in Calgary, Ab, Canada, where I can’t even fathom how this is possible. We’ve got our share of red neck christian right wing haters, but most of them can’t organize a sentence let alone a 3 day march. Hate creates hate, how can this end?

  3. this saddens me so much. Exactly the same type of characters with the same mentality of those that marched through jewish neighbourhoods bearing the swastika.

  4. The Arabic translation is wrong, they were chanting “this shitty piece of desert is ours and we want it back so we can build a temple and watch nothing happen again”

  5. Both sides have their fair share of hard line kill em all arseholes. But only one side has a plethora of guns and tanks as opposed to slingshots and homemade rockets. As long as that one side has an overwhelming superiority the hard liners will always ensure they use that advantage as fully as possible.

  6. I was watching 60 Minutes the other night, where they covered the City of David archaeological dig (funded by Zionist zealots, of course), and how the corporations are buying off Palestinian homes and ushering out the people that live there so they can move Jewish settlers into those areas.

    And all I could think of while watching it was that a certain country not a century in the past had a similar – albeit much, much more violent – idea. They called theirs lebensraum.

      1. It’s despicable hateful behaviour; but it would be unfair to stigmatise all Israelis because a gang of right-wing bigots assembled to carry on like this. It’s reminiscent of the Apprentice Boys marches in Northern Ireland, when the right-wing Orange Order strut their way noisily through the Catholic area of Belfast. (It is also reminiscent of Kristolnacht , of course; and bollocks to the Godwin cliche.)

  7. Like Dawkins wrote, “I find it genuinely puzzling that a mere difference of theological opinion can generate such venom.”

    I guess this extends to arbitrary skin pigment ratios as well, and the particular latitude and longitude of where one happened to pop out of a vagina.

    1. Dawkins must have been riding with the Berkshire Hunt* when he wrote that. If he’s ‘genuinely puzzled’ it must be because he wants to be. The venom is about land—not about theology.

      1. I’m using the Dawkins out of context. He was originally speaking about religious hate mail that he receives. I thought the sentiment still applied.

        But it’s not as simple as land. Land, religion, race, and politics are interwoven into a perfect storm of the 4 most fought about things in history.

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