1. That suction cupped leash an excellent tool. I could have used that when I used to have bathe my Persian cats. I’d just do it in the kitchen sink and hold them with one hand while I do everything else with the other. Yes, it’s as hard as it sounds.

  2. Cats are self cleaning. I’ve bathed my cat twice. She was a kitten and shit all over her carrier and herself. Otherwise, I leave it to the cat to keep themselves clean.

    1. Cats are supposed to be self-cleaning. The cats I grew up with were fine, but I’ve never seen our current one groom herself for more than about 20 seconds. She’s not stinky or anything, but she’s always covered with stray, loose hair and dandruff.

      However, she’s a pushover and doesn’t really freak out much, so baths are pretty easy, plus we can make her dance to music like a marionette pretty much whenever we want. All she does is roll her eyes at us and look pathetic.

  3. One of our long-haired cats got gasoline on himself, so he had to be bathed right away. I coudn’t believe how tiny he was with his fur all wet. It took three of us do bathe him. We could have used that leash!

  4. My cat is hairless and has an excess of sebum. If I do not bath him weekly it builds up into a black muck all over his body that transfers onto clothes, walls, sheets, windowsills or anything else he might come into contact with. If I give him an actual bath (instead of shower) he actually leaves a ring around the bathtub.
    Honestly he needs a bath twice a week, but I’m not going to out him through that.
    If anyone has an alternative I would love to know it. We tried baby wipes at our vet’s suggestion but they just didn’t do the trick. If you pet him long enough your fingers stain black. Dirty kitty!

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