1. That’s like ignorance or oafishness, right? I think ignorance is more dangerous. Sorry Sally, you’re possibly the most dangerous thing in politics at the moment.

  2. Together. On a deserted island. We’ll leave them a map because I’m pretty sure neither of them knows how to use it. We’ll give them one gun with one bullet – the NRA’s worst nightmare – and we’ll call it Battle Royale: Idiot Edition.

  3. Answer: MYSELF… or it would be if the complete question was:
    “You are trapped on an island with a gun, one bullet, Sarah Palin, and George Bush. Who do you shoot?”

  4. Speaking as a non American, Palin all the way, imagine her crashing round the USA then in the usual bid for re-election crashing round the world….it would entertain most of us, well the ones not being shot at anyway.

    1. WHAT? You think she can’t take most of the rest of the world down with us? You totally underestimate the power of her stupidity. If Boy Blunder taught us anything it is that the American President can get people killed in many countries (think UK and Spain) in addition to the ones he decides to bomb.

  5. Agh. It’s like being asked to choose between a boil and a hemorrhoid.

    Which one would YOU like? Neither! Neither!

  6. I lived through the W years. If I am expected to live through a Palin presidency, I’ll go live with my friends in Canada.

  7. To the folks who are casting fond glances Northwards – it ain’t the 1960’s. The place is rapidly mutating into GI Geebusstan north – after all, PM Harper is a bonafide Murdoch approved wingnut and his party just won an absolute majority.

    Hope for Quebec and/or Vermont independence.

    1. Which of these choices improves the odds that we’re subjected to neither Bush nor Palin?

      Screw it, I’d take both for the team if it would do any good…

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