1. I once carpooled with a guy for about a week who fed me that line. What kind of zealot would open their proselytizing with something like that? Doesn’t he know you warm up to the really weird/despicable stuff?

  2. That’s not just racist, it’s also lousy Biblical scholarship. The word “Canaan” has nothing to do with Cain. The “Curse of Canaan” refers to some story where Noah cursed his grandson named Canaan for failing to clothe his naked drunken dad, Ham. It’s also called the “Curse of Ham,” which is pretty funny given its origins in Judaism.

    For crying out loud, religious people, get your myths straight.

  3. If the blacks are cursed black and “god’s people” are white…

    What the heck are the Mormons supposed to do with the Chinese?!

    God’s ways are too mysterious for us to ever know…

  4. I’m an active, practicing Mormon – don’t lump this racist waste of skin in with me, my family, or the vast majority of the people (of all races) I go to church with.

  5. I’m a Mormon too and this guy has no idea what he is talking about. First, the scripture is not from the Book of Mormon (reporter screwed it up). Second, the people of Canaan are not Africans. Third, Joseph Smith did not teach that Blacks were cursed. Actually, Joseph Smith did a lot for African Americans by (1) giving them the Priesthood during the time of slavery (all other Churches and civic organizations of the time separated African Americans to their own groups); (2) advocated for Missouri to be a Free State (which is one reason their was an extermination order against Mormons from Missouri till 1970’s); and (3) gave his horse to a African American man to pay to free his son from slavery.

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