1. Like most of the real America to which she panders, knowledge, truth, and reality bows to ignorance, truthiness, and fantasy.

  2. Wow… just, wow…

    I thought this would simply be a silly misstatement where she said something like “he rode to town to warn the British that ‘the British were coming!'”. But, no, it was not to be. She proved again what a absolute moron she is.

    Maybe Piper should spend more time with her on this “vacation” and teach SP about the places they are visiting.

  3. This video tells us everything worth knowing about Sarah Palin: She is immensely ignorant and she will make up a fantastic lie rather than admit her immense ignorance.

  4. guys, guys…you are clearly part of Fake America, and are therefore getting your facts from Fake American Pinko Commie Tracts. Here in Real America, we get the Real American History Book, where it clearly states that all of the forefathers rode Hummers into battle after Paul Revere told those English terrorists that we were going to bomb them back to the stone age (roughly between the time of Adam and Moses). Natch, all the forefathers then went on to free the slaves (that those nasty overlords made us have), and write a perfect document that would be completely applicable to and considerate of all future developments and events.

  5. Being from Ireland. I have no idea who Paul Revere is. From what she was saying, it reminded me of the story of the guy who rode forth on his horse crying out “The Red Coats are coming!”.

    1. That is who she’s talking about but doesn’t know the real story as well as she should. Not many know that there were 15 riders that set out that night to warn the American rebels that the English were attacking. Paul only rode for two hours and shacked up at his girlfriends house! Israel Bissel rode for 2 days, from Boston to Philadelphia to warn the Continental Congress.

  6. Am I the only person who fears this Nitwit has a good chance at the presidency? She can really bring the Stupid, which is evidently what Americans crave (8 years of Bush Jr.? The recent midterms?)

  7. “…And then in 1958 he joined a band called The Raiders, which as any red-blooded patriotic American knows, recorded the hit songs “Kicks” and “Hungry.”

  8. It reminds me of when Calvin gave that oral presentation on bats. I bet Sarah Palin thinks they’re bugs, too.

    “Oh, like I’m going to learn about bats and THEN write a report?! Give me a break!”

  9. Giving attention to Sarah Palin does several things. It takes focus away from the minor Republican, Presidential primary candidates, allowing them no hope of progress and reducing choice in potential nominees. It takes focus away from the front runner who doesn’t have to worry about questions being asked about her/his reputation and policies. If someone like Palin or Trump looks like a clown, then when the front runner steps into the spotlight s/he looks smart and confident in comparison making it much easier to vote for that candidate.

    The result: each time you bring up Sarah Palin you’re helping Republicans to get Obama voted out of office.

    1. With any luck, the wackos will be so angry that one of their wingnuts didn’t get nominated that they’ll form a third party, probably The Tea Party. That would ensure Obama’s reelection. Also, by that time all us old folks will be so mad at the Republicans for trying to take away our Medicare, that even many of the nut jobs will vote for Obama.

    2. Did you know that Romney announced his candidacy yesterday? If not, this is why. Dear Sarah doesn’t provide cover for GOP candidates. She sucks the oxygen out of the room for them.

  10. Every time Sarah Palin opens her mouth, a whole lotta stupid falls out. And a passel of Teabaggers are ready to catch it and “celebrate.” With all her efforts to split the Republican vote, I wonder if Obama himself might contribute to her campaign.

  11. I’d like to hear her tell the story of Gorge Washington and the cherry tree. I wonder how that one would come out…

  12. She was on Fox News today and they asked her, “You know you messed that up, right?” And naturally, she absolutely refused to say she got it wrong and told us AGAIN how Paul Revere went to warn the British. Then she said it was a “gotcha!” question.

    For Sarah Palin, a “gotcha” question is one that requires you have a modicum of knowledge and an IQ over 90.

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