1. Hmmm. I’m all for the gaining a greater respect for Great White sharks — and any other animal, for that matter — but I don’t think there’s an understanding there. Unless the shark has somehow said to the woman in the video, “You understand that so long as you keep the fish coming, I won’t take your arm off at the waist.”

    Not that the shark is a mean animal. Sharks eat and take big bites.

  2. Hopefully she’ll never try to reach an “understanding” with a plugged-in hairdryer while she’s taking a bath.

  3. The woman in question is dive pioneer Valerie Taylor, who has been canoodling with great whites since she and her husband Ron (of “jaws” fame) filmed “Blue Water White Death”. That was 1971, so with 40+ years of experience, it’s a safe bet that she knows what she’s talking about.

    1. I totally understand and respect that she has lots of experience with these animals. I am a biologist myself, and I have also worked with all sorts of animals for the past 12 years. I have been taught to handle and interact with wild and domesticated animals. Even though I am extremely confident in my ability to work with dangerous animals, they are NEVER predictable and will bite/scratch/maul you when you least expect it, sometimes even by accident.

      I still believe this woman is an idiot.

  4. I’m more concerned about this shark ‘learning’ to approach boats for food. Seriously, if it associates humans, and boats with food it’s going to come up. If there’s no fish in the water…. but a hand or a foot do you think the shark is going to care?

    Guh. Leave them the eff alone. Find other ways of saving and preserving wildlife without teaching them bad habits.

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