1. i don’t particularly like him, but as far as how he eats his pizza? who cares, let the man eat how he chooses. why is anyone, including cynical-c, giving time to this?

    1. Travel the country and I haven’t seen a person use a fork to eat pizza anywhere!

      But then again is the flip over human?

  2. McGee, can’t tell if you are joking or not. Are you saying, that by virtue of where you are born, you have no choice on how you wish to consume your food?

  3. Chris, Ouch!


    “Or perhaps your own blog so you can have a blog tailored to your personal requirements”

    No Chris, I was just stating my opinion. I wasn’t fussing about your blog, I love your site. No need to toss a “bugger off” to me.

    My sense of humour is what brings me here a dozen times a day. But that doesn’t mean I can’t disagree on occasion!

    It’s just a bit frustrating that these are the kind of things that make news.

    Anyway, didn’t mean any offence to you, just the situation that bothers me.


  4. I think what’s really telling (and funny) is how Trump has to go on camera all the time to ‘defend himself’ over every little joke or controversy is thrown his way. Remember when he was challenged by CNN about whether CNN released a pole putting him ‘neck-and-neck’ with Obama? What a belligerent idiot.

    The classy, successful politicians just let it go and laugh along with it.

    1. He gets overly defensive whenever he doesn’t have the power to shout “you’ re fired!” at whoever/whatever gets under his skin. What a vain jerk.

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