1. The Sopranos. The Hurt Locker. Apocalypse Now. Warm weather (especially if it’s humid). College (yeah, that’s done wonders for helping me get a job, and only at the cost of tens-of-thousands of dollars of debt).

  2. Life. It’s complicated, too. (We’ve gotta get away from this complicated life.)

    Also lots of other things, including China Mieville*.

    *Indicative conclusion only, small sample size.

  3. Tablets, specially iPad (that’s because I can’t afford one, the cheapest one costs about US$ 1100 here in brazil…)

  4. Oh god. That actually took some effort. How do people type like that? And constantly??
    Anyway. Really overrated thing of the day? Being popular. It’s weird. It’s one of those few stereotypes are really are kinda true: Everyone in a clique hates each other secretly, and acts like they love each other in public. That right there is fact.

    1. But but but… I was so proud of mine! Stoke a’ genius, rhyming “hung like a horse” with “explosive force”…
      that was a bit crude even more me. i apologize to those of you with delicate sensibilities.

  5. I’ll tell you. I’ve talked on here about experimenting with drugs before. People try things in their youth, and it is not good or bad, it just is.
    But crack/coke is overrated. It is fucking bullshit. I just found out my friend, who I have known since I was in the third grade, died of an overdose last night. I had no idea he was using. I don’t know what any of you do, and I don’t try to judge people, but if you do this crap, even “every once in a while” you are fucking blowing it. You are wasting every good thing in your life. And when/if you die from it, you are fucking over everyone who loves you.

    I’m sorry for being so crude.Rant over.

  6. The Abortionplex. The lines are too long, and I hate standing out in the hot sun. Even with misters and a pretty good pre-show I wouldn’t go there again.

    1. I was reading about that place somewhere recently. Thought it looked amazing – I’d been thinking about getting pregnant just so I could try it out. So your comment is helpful to me, thanks.

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