1. The spectators seem amused until he starts heading for the plane, then you hear screams of “Not our flight!”t. Yeah, you can steal vehicles and run rampant at the airport, that’s funny and all, but you get my flight cancelled, there’s gonna be a problem!

  2. As soon as he takes a swipe at the officers he’s using the vehicle with deadly force. In the US, this video would have been 45 seconds long and would have ended in gunfire.

  3. Officer 1: Hey do you think we should use stop sticks or try ramming the vehicle before anyone gets hurt?

    Officer 2: Nah, we have to drag this out so the guys back at the station have time to get here. They’ll be pissed if we let them miss this!

    5 minutes later, cavalry: Alright let’s get this asshole! Wait, is he stopping? FUUUUUUUUUUCCKKKKKK

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