• Dale

    Well then I would assume she’s riding in a convertible directly behind her bus tour.

  • catrin

    Well let’s get her in a room full of emissions! Give the woman what she wants.

  • magpie

    I’m looking for a good nocternal emissions control device.

  • FlamingAtheist

    Silly rabbit! You can’t smell radio waves!
    (sorry, the old military radioman in me thinks ‘spurious emissions’ aka stray signals)

  • henry

    So then how’s about y’all c’mon and have a seat in my 1940 ford coupe – inside my closed garage.

  • albabyal

    that really does explain alot

  • Mike K

    She’s so condescending. “Look, I’m on a Harley – I’m one of you!” When she gets to Pennsylvania will she show up in a horse and buggy to snag that ever-elusive Amish vote?

  • pvc

    Did she get a ‘tramp stamp’ tat for the occasion?

  • Rampage_Rick
  • dejvdslejv

    not to forget the smell of napalm in the morning