1. I hate this pretentious crap. Maybe it works outside of NY? In NY, whenever you see someone acting ‘quirkey’ you either ignore it or think ‘oh great, I’m part of some asshole’s bullshit comedy special’. Does anybody really get nonplussed about this behaviour, or do they just roll their eyes, groan, and march out of there before they wind up on Youtube?

    1. It’s performance art, and as they say, art is in the eye of the beholder. It looks like everyone had a good time. No harm, no foul, I say.

      1. Correction: it’s not performance art. It’s more akin to a mass-prank. Performance art is an actual art – and art is made to elevate one’s conscience. And even though some may stretch this sort of “event” to include the elevation of their conscience (maybe by saying that this ‘performance’ illustrates how many people take their sense of hearing for granted until it’s taken away?), ImprovEverywhere is the Shepard Fairey of performance art.

      2. @niel, it’s a bit much to claim that ‘art is made to elevate one’s conscience’. Some art may be, but narrow redefinitions of ‘art’\ are inevitably going to stumble…

        Mind you, I’d call this (situational) theatre rather than performance art. I wouldn’t call it a prank personally, but that’s my own narrow redefinition of prank, so it’s no more valid than your dismissal of mere prankery.

        But either way, so what? It is what it is, and it’s a bit of well-coordinated fun.

  2. I thought that was beautiful. OK, they were a little hammy… but the way the audience (if that’s the word) went from being puzzled to really enjoying it – that was great.

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