• Trace

    Michigan is “Cereal” and “Serial Killers”? I always forget we make cereal and I must’ve missed the boat on serial killers in Da Youpee. <– intended for Michiganders.

  • McGee

    That was quite amusing.

    I had no idea we Pennsylvanians had such a reputation for belligerence.

  • FlamingAtheist

    Oregon – white people with dreadlocks – AKA Trustifarians.

    • MadRat

      What, you’re saying Oregon and Washington aren’t true?

      • FlamingAtheist

        not at all, just giving my shortened definition of it. Although with the economic downturn the number of trust fund kids has dwindled a bit. But the hipster count remains Orange status in PDX.

  • Julia S.


    Yeah we are – ya wanna do somethin about it? 😛

    LOL – that was WAAAYYYYY funny!!!

  • d

    Listen, it IS too cold to be sober, here.