• Macon

    It’s OK though, I’m sure they all have friends who are [insertskincolor].

  • Whatever

    That reminds of a research done by an University here in brazil: one was asked it he/she was racist, about 97% replied that they weren’t, then it was asked if they knew someone who was racist, about 80% replied that yes they knew someone who was racist.
    Apparently, no one likes to admit that he/she is racist but almost everyone it is racist after all or 80% of the people researched have met the 3% who are racists…

    • Josh

      Well as long as you know 30 people those odds work…but yeah, i get your point

  • Palli
  • Morbid_Swiss

    I’m not racist, but people on facebook who say they aren’t racist are pretty racist people…….

    You can take my word for it; I’ve met them all…….

  • It’s the same as being drunk, apparently. The only people I’ve heard insist, “I’m not drunk!” were. Same lack of self awareness.