• You’ll need bigger ones if you plan to get through Ravenholm.

  • ben

    The only logical place this man has left to go is a slingshot that shoots slingshots.

  • Anony

    Big McLarge Huge?

    • Justin

      MST3K FTW!

  • It’s amazing what direction the human mind will go to.

    Let’s hope that he is not using new sawblades. That could run into some money.

    Death and Destruction

  • LL

    The dowel in the middle thing messes up the usefulness of the blade. It would have sliced right through the watermelon if the dowel wasn’t there. Back to the drawing board.

    • Rampage_Rick

      Plus the 6 1/2″ blades look kinda puny. Didn’t this guy watch the bit with the magnets in Wild Wild West?

      – 14-inch chop saw blades
      – More blade spin for directional stability

      I propose something similar to the Dremel + CD trick. Basically crank the 14″ saw blades up to ludicrous speeds and let ’em rip!

  • Mike K

    I have a feeling Wiley E. Coyote has already put in an order for one.

    And if that guy doesn’t look and sound like a Criminal Mastermind, I don’t know who does. I can envision him hovering over the city in his blimp equipped with twin sawblade launchers, cackling sawblade-based puns to the city.

  • Pinkerton

    I’m not racist, but the German accent is oddly appropriate.