Thank You

Just wanted to interrupt the holiday weekend to thank everybody for their kind comments and birthday well wishes. I really appreciate it when you take the time to comment.

The garden is going well. Mrs. C and I live in an apartment but they give out garden plots for their tenants. We were on the waiting list and got a 20 x 10 foot plot which is a lot larger than I expected.

Here’s what it looked like on May 25 (click pic to biggie):

And on May 27th:

And what we’re growing:
Tomatoes (4 varieties)
Morning Glories
Green Onions

At least that’s the plan. I’ll keep you updated. Now back to our regularly scheduled holiday.

  • Mark

    Why don’t you have a flag on your plot? Communist.

  • P

    Congrats, Chris, and please continue to blog about it with pics of little plants and latter full grown vegetables and stuff.

  • That’s awesome that you have garden plots. Best I can do in my apartment is whatever I can stick in the window. I haven’t even got a balcony.

    And happy birthday too

  • Woo! That’s awesome.
    You’ve probably heard this a lot already, but I suggest rotating the food-plant-things. Elements ‘n’ all that.
    Just make sure to clearly mark the morning glories as “meant to be here”. Otherwise they might get sprayed with weedkiller by some well-meaning person who thinks they’re weeds. I speak from experience.

  • janey

    that’s awesome! Have fun 🙂

  • Ninabi

    Can’t wait to see pictures as the season goes on.

    Our community has raised garden plots for a modest lease- the fencing there is a plus. Plants in my yard are being devoured by desert critters. We DID have blueberries, loquats and lemons.

  • klaatu

    Hey Happy Birthday, man…and just curious…it looks like you’re in a pretty rural area…what are you going to do about rabbits? I’ve never gardened but friends of mine who have are always complaining about them…is there a humane way to deal with them?

    • The gardens are fenced in.

      • Harb

        You call that a fence? I hate to be a cynic but rabbits/gophers/raccoons will walk through that little fence like it’s not even there!

      • Not the white border fence. That’s just decorative. There’s a chain link fence surrounding the entire garden. Not just my plot.

  • AVX

    morning glory is a weed :). That thing spreads fast. Other than that, you got a good collection there Chris. I’m envious!

    • I was outvoted by my wife on the Morning Glories. I wanted potatoes.

      • P

        Love the idea of being outvoted by a single person. Only married people understand how it works.

  • You have a huge yard! I was only able to do one row of corn, (which means manual pollination,) one tomato, one squash and one honeydew.

  • Stephen

    You get the little rounded-wire fence as a birthday present? I would have secretly hoped for the mini-picket fence myself 😛

    Good man, happy b-day enjoy!

  • Joe Blow

    Corn & lettuce are going to take up way more space than they’re worth. Cucumbers, too, but if you like ’em, they’re pretty prolific…kind of like melons..

    Beans — not really enough to be worth the space. Basil will completely kick ass, but basil kicks ass, so it’s worth it..

    Find a way to cut out the flowers.

    • Curious

      Gotta second the corn observation. Being originally from Ohio, I know the first 10 to 15 feet of corn in any field is basically useless because it doesn’t get pollinated correctly. So, even a 30′ x 30′ plot of corn won’t really grow right. You can manually pollinate it but your results may not be what you expect.

  • You’re planting all that? My plot is bigger, and I only had room for tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers.

    Of course, I planted a LOT of tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers. We’ll have pickles and salsa all winter, if luck holds out.

    • We only have 2 peppers and 2 cukes (and they will be trellised). And the squash beans and corn will grow together which saves a lot of room.

  • Stove

    Well done.

  • DreamDevil

    Hmm… this might be a very interesting thing to follow.

  • I’m late on the train but happy birthday, and nice plot! Mine is just a balcony that I recently filled with cooking herbs and a couple cannabis.

    Is that far from where you live? Do you have to tend it everyday?

    • A five minute walk or 30 second drive.

  • Okram

    That’s some nice dark soil. All that manure you put down will make for some happy plants!

  • Kristin

    Why on earth are you growing morning glories? Those are going to take over your garden. They are a glorified weed. But keep the marigolds, they are great for keeping out unwanted bunnies, and (around here at least) deer.
    Good luck, can’t wait to see updates!

  • Barbwire

    Happy Birthday! I realy miss gardening. Nothing like home-grown food! Plant the marigolds all around the garden. Kristen’s right. It would be a waste of space to grow potatoes. Maybe some chives? Radishes?

  • Craig

    Look! It’s lagomorph shangri-la. Better tighten up the perimeter fortification!

  • Greenberry

    too little corn. Don’t bother wasting your precious space. They won’t pollinate properly. Each kernel of corn is a result of one one pollen.



  • Sweet! Good luck with the garden and happy birthday!