1. Happy Birthday! Enjoy the manure! You should start composting, you will really enjoy watching it break down and transform. You’ll start doing things people will find odd, like picking through your garbage for choice compost bits, and burying eggs in the heap to test its temperature. Good times.

  2. Happy birthday, happy gardening! You got a defection from the church and defecation from a cow. Sounds like a banner weekend at the Cole residence.

  3. Happy Birthday! Like Onan, I hope you get to spread your seed in the good Earth as much as you desire. Heck, spread it anywhere you want.

  4. Wait, so you’re a Nixon child? Rough.

    Course, I’m Carter.

    Always thought we should have some kind of Chinese year like thing for what Presidential term you were born during.

    Well, enjoy the Garden. But grow only food. Veggies are useful in the tribulation. Flowers get raptured I bet.

  5. WHATEVER YOU DO… DO NOT PUT IT ON A BBQ SMOKER!!! Oh, and Happy Birthday. Ah, to be 37 again… and that was only a few years ago. Sweet Mother of the FSM, I’m old. My Godson in France just had a kid!

  6. Happy Birthday, Chris, and thanks for blogging! But I’m actually struggling to understand why a guy nearing the forties celebrate his anniversary stuck on a pile of

  7. Everyone’s already got in ahead of me with the shit jokes, bout all I can do is wish you Manure Happy Returns of the Day.

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