• wrenchy

    Happy Birthday Chris.

  • Sind

    Happy Birthday!

  • Julia S.

    Happy birthday!!! – Enjoy the mudpie!!

  • verdugo13

    Happy birthday! You should pile the manure up and pull your sunglasses off like Jeff Goldblum.

  • Fazue

    Chris! Happy Birthday. As per this link, I hope all your “friends” wish you happy birthday..


  • Rounhouse

    Happy Birthday! Enjoy the manure! You should start composting, you will really enjoy watching it break down and transform. You’ll start doing things people will find odd, like picking through your garbage for choice compost bits, and burying eggs in the heap to test its temperature. Good times.

  • Fink

    Don’t eat it all at once or you’ll give yourself a stomach ache. HBD

    • Okram

      Don’t get grossed out if you find a hair in it.

    • Amy

      lol! Happy Birthday!

  • Whatever

    Happy birthday! 🙂
    Although it looks like your birthday this year is gonna be a shitty one…

  • Mike K

    Happy birthday, happy gardening! You got a defection from the church and defecation from a cow. Sounds like a banner weekend at the Cole residence.

  • gruggach

    Happy Birthday! Like Onan, I hope you get to spread your seed in the good Earth as much as you desire. Heck, spread it anywhere you want.

  • pvc

    Nothing says ‘Happy Birthday’ like seventy kilos of cowshit.

  • Happy Birthday, Chris! Have fun in the garden!

  • Sarcastro

    Wait, so you’re a Nixon child? Rough.

    Course, I’m Carter.

    Always thought we should have some kind of Chinese year like thing for what Presidential term you were born during.

    Well, enjoy the Garden. But grow only food. Veggies are useful in the tribulation. Flowers get raptured I bet.

  • Lisa

    Happy Birthday! Thank you for this blog!

  • dang

    Happy birthday! Have fun spreading your B.S.

  • Reverend Bob

    Happy Birthday Chris!
    Mine was last week and I hope yours is as good as mine was!

  • jen

    well that’s a shitty present to yourself….oh well, Happy Birthday anyway 🙂

  • WHATEVER YOU DO… DO NOT PUT IT ON A BBQ SMOKER!!! Oh, and Happy Birthday. Ah, to be 37 again… and that was only a few years ago. Sweet Mother of the FSM, I’m old. My Godson in France just had a kid!

  • Ross

    Happy birthday! Keep on shitting!

  • DreamDevil

    Happy birthday, Chris! Now you’re one year closer to death!

  • FlamingAtheist

    Happy Birthday and happy gardening!

  • Phil
  • P

    Happy Birthday, Chris, and thanks for blogging! But I’m actually struggling to understand why a guy nearing the forties celebrate his anniversary stuck on a pile of

  • Ninabi

    Happy birthday!

  • cyni-crow

    Hey! Happy birthday to you too! My favorite website person shares my birth date! Nice!

  • outeast

    Everyone’s already got in ahead of me with the shit jokes, bout all I can do is wish you Manure Happy Returns of the Day.

  • nick

    Happy bday chris & cyni-crow!

  • carolyn

    hau’oli la hanau (happy birthday)
    have fun with your shit dude!

  • Danno

    Happy birthday Chris.

  • parclair

    Hoppy birdee to u, let the BS sit for a week or two, mixed in the soil, before you plant (way too acid fresh)

  • Jocelyn

    Happy Birthday!

  • Marky

    Happy B-day, Chris. I’m turning 37 myself next week.

  • Jeez

    Happy Birthday Chris!! Look forward to hearing about your first harvest and what you cook with it!

  • SlapHappy

    Don’t forget to grow psychedelic mushrooms on your b-day present.

  • Imhotep

    Happy Birthday! May the ladder of matter grow fatter and feed the need to proceed!

    Zeke the Sheik has some great insights:

  • i and others with me sure enjoy the seeds you leave at this page
    may the fruits of your manual labour be just as fine

  • incognito

    Warmest wishes, may the weeds seldom grow

  • Hope you had a great birthday!