Thank God For Floods

(via Religious Douchebags)

And it looks like at least 23 people were killed because of this flood.:

*Daniel Brown, 18, was found near Millwood Lane off of Murfreesboro Pike at about 12:30 p.m. by an off-duty fire captain, who was searching the area. He was last seen May 2 while tubing on Mill Creek. His friend told authorities the swift current slammed Brown into a bridge pillar and then downstream.

* Robert Woods, 74, was found Monday morning near his home on West Hamilton Avenue. He was reportedly swept away by flood waters Sunday.

* Joshua Lanotroop, 21, of Valley Way was found Sunday near Bell Road and Blue Hole Road. He was swept away by flood waters on Saturday.

* Andrew J. England, 78, and Martha England, 80, were found Sunday evening inside their home on 908 Delray Drive. They are believed to be victims of a flash flood.

* Joseph Formosa, 88, and wife Bessie, 78 were found Sunday in a vehicle that was upside down in standing water on Sawyer Brown Road. They attempted to drive across a flooded roadway when their vehicle swept away.

But never mind that. Did you see the new basketball court that god gave that christian school?


  1. It could be providence…

    OR you (i.e. your rich families putting you through a private school, plus donations from local tax-exempt churches) payed for flood insurance to a company which provides such services in the hopes that such things don’t happen so that they can pay their employees and make a profit.

  2. And actually what the headmaster said is utterly egotistical and mean… something along the lines of

    “all things work for the good of those who love God

    So… everyone else who wasn’t Christian and e.g. lost their house or a family member died… deserved it?

    1. Yes, thats it exactly & if you thought you loved Gawd but got wiped out anyway you either A) loved the wrong Gawd or loved It in the wrong way or B) are being test by this loving Gawd like he did Job.

      If you are not familiar with the story of Job: He loved Yahweh greatly but the devil bet Yahweh that it was only because Job had it so good. So, basically on a dare, Gawd took everything from Job & even broke hip. But he loved him some Yehweh even still so thats the lesson.

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