1. I’ve been ripping all of my CDs to .flac format to replace the mp3s in my HTPC computer that’s connected to my stereo. For those not in the know, flac is a “lossless” format, meaning it reproduces the data from a CD bit-for-bit, with 100% accuracy, whereas you lose some sound quality with mp3s. The tradeoff is that flac files are about 6 times larger than mp3s. I just upgraded to a 2-terrabyte drive, so I finally have the space.

    I’m also copying all of my old VHS tapes to the same HTPC computer.

      1. Unlike wavs, flac is compressed so you’ll save some disk space.
        Since flac is loss-less, you can always recreate the wav file from the flac.

        With aiffs your at Apple’s mercy depending on what they want to do wit the format in the future. FLAC is an open standard, so no coporate overlords.

    1. I dunno man, flac is lossless and ‘perfect’ but, like, mp3s have more soul, you know? Those little imperfections, they add to the music. Dude.

    1. I’m in Philly–our course is really old, and therefore doesn’t look so nice, but I’ve been disc golfing since I was a kid.

  2. Making music videos. It’s really starting to consume me. Lots of my time is spent manipulating video frame by frame in Photoshop–basically, I’m using videos to create animated clips. The final product looks somewhat like a moving collage. As a rough estimate, each second of animation takes me about an hour to complete. The final product is not worth the effort, but I’m having fun, so who cares?

    1. Making music videos is a lot harder than it looks. Not so much hard, but tedious. People don’t realize that a 5 minute video can take weeks to get the timing set to exact frame precision. I did one with scenes from the Matrix trilogy set to Queensryche’s Anarchy X/Revolution Calling (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=of30Mkr-93o). The video is only about 6½ minutes long, and took me about 40 hours of editing before I was satisfied with it. Of course, a lot of that time was waiting for the computer to render everything!

  3. Oh, one more: building a computer. I’ve been tearing old PCs apart to look at configurations, watching how-to videos on building modern PCs, and familiarizing myself with the most modern components.

    My PC recently died, and I am determined to build my own PC for the first time ever. I just wish Windows 7 wasn’t so expensive (and I can’t get a student discount, either, because none of the asswipe companies offer the full version at a discount, only the upgrade version).

    1. as an fyi you can use the upgrade disk if you have another copy of windows, just install the old copy and then install win 7 over it, that’s what i did just choose to do a full install and format when it asks you

      1. I was thinking of that. I have a reinstallation disc of Vista for my old computer, and I was strongly considering installing that on the blank HDD that I’ll buy for the new one, and then upgrading to Windows 7….but I worry that the old PC reinstallation would try to install incompatible drivers on my new custom system, which could be a headache to undo.

        But Windows 7 for $30 is pretty tough to pass up, especially when the full version is a shade under $200.

      2. Oh yeah, forgot about one other problem – the vista version I haev is 32-bit, whereas the Windows 7 version I’d get would be 64-bit, and from what I’ve read, it can be a problem upgrading like that.

    2. If you’re building your own, then Windows 7 System Builder version is your friend. Home premium is about $100. It’s the full version, the thing is that the license cannot be moved to another computer (meaning motherboard, so be sure the mobo is the one you want before registering.)

      I find that building a contemporary PC is so much easier than a couple of decades ago. Most everything autoconfigures on first powerup so it’s really just assembly. Even the cases are better! In the old days I’d invariably cut up my hands on the sharp surfaces anytime I opened the box. No more. It’s science.

    1. My hat off to you. My grandmother taught oil painting so I got to see up close and personal what an intricate art it is.

  4. Aside from being 9 days away from finishing my Robot-A-Day 365 day project it has been home repair. 1 month in the new house and still plenty to fix. I am also starting in to gardening – or at least updating parts of the landscape. We have a slope behind our house that goes up to a main road and I want to find good plants that stabilize it and keep my snake sanctuary intact (I have several garter snakes living in the back yard).

    1. That robot-a-day is pretty cool. A fun way to force yourself to be continually creative. You’ve probably come up with a lot of ideas that you never would have had otherwise.

  5. Using polymer clay (that’s later baked until hard) to make jewelry and to cover glass objects like candle holders and christmas ornaments.

  6. making wearable sculpture out of sewn fabric and paint that mimics the nature of the ocean, to produce commentary on behavioral trends from personality traits.

    or something like that.

  7. Lately I’ve been watching this guy named Chris garden in his 20 x 10 foot plot while I work on my plans for world domination. Passes the time.

    1. WOW! Over 400 years of geneology is awesome. I only know as far back as my grandparents – but I’ve never tried to track my family tree either.

  8. I’ve been making good progress at my stone sculpture class. Making sort of like an Easter Island influenced head out of alabaster. Unfortunately I have to drive to the city to get any tools or supplies, apparantly NJ has something against stone sculpture. That and fixing up my two old cars. One is fourteen, the other is twenty seven. Can’t wait to finish the 97 and get crackin on the 83!

  9. Working on several illustration projects, which only counts as a hobby because they’re speculative/unpaid.

    Been gardening too, mostly just planting flowers and tending bulbs. I’ve set all my knitting aside because I’m not very good at doing anything but scarves and it’s about to be summer.

    Is cleaning up after my husband a hobby? Then that, too.

  10. We’ll be trying our hand at raised beds this year so I’m excited for your promised future links! We had a half-assed garden last year. I wanna get serious this time.

    I spend most of my time on my hobby/small business – I make plush and art dolls and currently sell on Etsy. I’ve also recently become obsessed with making things out of “plarn”. Yarn made from plastic bags. It’s super cool and super nerdy in a earth nut kinda way.

  11. DIY around the house. I bought a house last year and I’m trying to get my house in decent shape. I wish I had the know how to install windows and troubleshoot things. Right now I’m tackling painting doors and frames, since the previous owner thought minty green was a nice neutral color.

    After all the basic stuff is finished, I’d like my hobby to be homebrewing.

  12. SAILING on Lake Superior.

    Gardening is awesome too… my mom had 3 gardens, a strawberry garden, a veggie one and a cornfield at “our farm”

    1. One oatmeal stout my brother and I brewed was the best beer I’ve ever had. I should see if I can find the recipe again. Thanks for the reminder.

  13. As a future thread topic (maybe around harvest season), it would be cool to have another pic-post thread where all of today’s contributors can submit pictures of their work.
    DreamDevil – except you (LOL)

  14. Fiddling around with Arduino. The Sparkfun Inventor’s Kit is way too cool, containing an Arduino Uno board, a solderless prototyping pad and lots of neat gadgets. Programmed in a C-like language communicating through a USB port on your ‘puter.

    Ultimately I’d like to make a robotic roach hunter/destroyer but right now I’m just grooving on the blinkenlights.

  15. If it doesn’t rain for the next few days I might be able to work in the garden. Have tomatoes, squash, pumpkin, herbs ready in the small greenhouse to set transplants. Just need to do some maintenance on my tiller (or not) before my granddaughter comes to spend two weeks with us. She will love helping grandpa plant in the garden.

  16. Running for fitness, keeping a clean house and learning Japanese. My birthday is next month and almost everything I asked for is related to those three things.

  17. Did what Mike K is doing, but I need to but another exteral hard drive to fit more data. Would like to get my telescope down to the coast the see the display of 4 planets toward the eastern horizon before sunrise, but the weather has been terrible 🙁
    Though I have been playing through “The Witcher 2” on PC, and “L.A Noire” on PS3 (until it got the yellow light of death yesterday). Both good games. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to play any games, and these two really sucked me in!

  18. My latest time sucker has been building a coop for the new chickens and ducks. Just about finished after a month of working weekends and after work on it. Fresh eggs should be here in August.

    Also spending a bit of time shooting trap. Or for the most part firing lead up into the air and watching clay pigeons glide unharmed to the ground.

    1. “Or for the most part firing lead up into the air and watching clay pigeons glide unharmed to the ground.”
      LOL! I know the feeling! I always keep screaming at myself in my head “Lead the target! You must lead the target!”

  19. I took up homebrewing last year. It’s one of those things that you just get further and further into, as your supply of equipment begins to grow and grow..

    It’s taking all the time away from working on the new house.

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