John Edwards: U.S. Green-Lights Prosecution for Alleged Campaign Law Violations Tied to Affair Cover-Up

From ABC News:

The United States Department of Justice has green-lighted the prosecution of former presidential candidate John Edwards for alleged violations of campaign laws while he tried to cover up an extra-marital affair, ABC News has learned.

A source close to the case said Edwards is aware that the government intends to seek an indictment and that the former senator from North Carolina is now considering his limited options. He could accept a plea bargain with prosecutors or face a potentially costly trial.

Edwards has been the focus of a lengthy federal investigation focusing on hundreds of thousands of dollars allegedly provided by two wealthy supporters. The government will contend those were illegal donations that ultimately went to support and seclude his mistress, Rielle Hunter.


  1. Truly one of the biggest pieces of shit to ever walk the halls of Congress….and that’s saying something, considering how many pro-slavery douches have walked the halls of Congress.

  2. well, does that mean Justice is Yellow lighting an investigation into Tom Coburn/John Ensign payoffs to campaign staff for extra marital affairs?

    or any of the Koch payoffs to Scallia and Thomas?

    etc etc?

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