• Reverend Bob


    • This is the proper response.

      • Circe

        Do I get any credit for WTF?

  • Fink

    Not enough info on actually wiping.

  • Insert Beavis laugh here: “Meh-heh-heh-heh-heh… he said urine channel.”

    But wait! I’m three feet eleven and three quarters inches tall! This doesn’t apply to me! Enjoy your toilet hell! SUCKAS! 😉

    • Isn’t Dancing with the Stars on the urine channel?

  • Ninabi

    Wow. It was as if the people who write OSHA manuals decided they’d make new episodes of Mr. Rogers.

  • Mike K

    For whom did he make that video?

  • Angry Sam

    Every now and then, a video is uploaded to YouTube that shakes the very core of human understanding. Why did the creator feel this video was necessary? Who, if anyone, will benefit from it? Why does the video cut out for 34 seconds? Why do frames from another video flicker in from time to time, and what do they depict? If we knew the answers to these questions, we would know a lot more about our universe.

  • tam

    his video on showering is equally beneficial.

  • jen

    what. just happened?

  • DreamDevil

    *blinks* ?…… what the? Why?….. who?…. *sigh* fuck it, nevermind….

  • This man is amazing. Saving the world one shitty pooper at a time.

    The rest of his web 4.0 site is also incredible…

  • ????

    Apparently, he’s a piano teacher, too http://www.youtube.com/user/interlac#p/a/u/1/arf4WiiMzCA

    This guy is so boring! All I can ask is, “Why?”

  • Imhotep

    I wish he would have demonstrated the “stool” technique.
    Huh huh, huh huh… he said stool.

  • Anton

    I’m pretty sure that video was made at gunpoint.

  • I want a squatter. There are so many advantages

    • WordyGrrl

      Forget the squatty-potty. I want one of them fancy $10,000 Japanese toilets that does everything but poop for ya!

      Seriously though, this video? It’s so David Lynch that I kept waiting for a backwards-speaking midget to show up.