1. Aha, I was hoping you commented on this one Niel, because my thought was “What the hell is that awesome looking guitar? A prop from 2001: A Space Odyssey?” Want!

      1. I don’t blame you for wanting one. They’re pretty cool guitars – lookswise, but I have to honest that, even though they were made by National, they really weren’t well made. The necks tend to bow easily and the wiring almost always needs re-worked. Unfortunately, they’re pretty rare and cost a lot when you find one. Technically, Bob’s was a “Glenwood” model, but they were usually just referred to as Newports.

        The good news is: Eastwood Guitars makes a brilliant updated version of this guitar, which they call the “MAP” (because it sort-of looks like a map of the United States). I’ve played a few of them and they are light-years better in quality than the old Nationals. (the Nationals were hollow fiberglass bodies, the Eastwoods are semi-hollow wood with much nicer hardware.) They have the same ‘vibe’ to them as the Nationals. Much cheaper though. I think I sold mine for about $500.

        Here are the new ones:

        Check out myrareguitars.com if you haven’t before – they sell the Eastwoods at decent prices, but they also have the old vintage ones from time to time. Neat stuff!

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