1. It’s raining and the month lasted longer than the money BUT…

    The last day of school is this Friday! No more hollering about bedtime, take a bath, mom did you wash my jeans, get out of bed now, I need lunch money, I forgot my homework, AND are these your grades?

    Now it will be goodnight kids, don’t stay up too late, here’s a dollar for the pool don’t come back until dark, make your own lunch, do you need a ride to work?

  2. My week starts on Monday, and yes, it sucks already. This weather, while I do like rain, is getting to me. I need sun to operate properly. Unfortunately, I think this is how the warmer months are going to be from now on (north east New Jersey). Lots of rain for days at a time. I still won’t consider moving down south, though.

      1. I like North Carolina, done some hiking and camping there. Know a bunch of families who have made the move, but I’m not ready to commit. For some stupid reason I still love NJ. That and all my family lives here.

  3. I consider Monday to be the start of the week. No, it’s not too early to declare that this week sucks. I have already declared this.

  4. Yes, it’s too early and Sunday (here in brazil everyone considers Sunday as the first day of the week which is why it’s so annoying that Apple computers ALWAYS shows it’s calendars with Monday at the beginning)

  5. The week starts on Monday. The week-end, ie, the days at the end of the week, are Sat and Sunday.
    Today is Victoria day here in Ontario, Canada. Holiday! A good start!

  6. Monday. I’ve genuinely never understood the whole “Sunday” thing, with it being on the weekend and all…

    And I hated questions at school (years ago) along the lines of “what is the third letter of the fourth day of the week” when you never knew whether they started from Monday or not…

    1. And this week isn’t so bad so far. I got to put a doughnut on expenses today, no-one got raptured on Saturday (as expected), and “the beast” grounded itself in Ireland, which was amusing to watch!

  7. The week starts on Monday. As I have to have a routine test tomorrow afternoon that requires semi-fasting today and full fasting tomorrow, I think it sucks until the test is over, at which point I plan to reboot the week.

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