1. Beeeeeees!!! 😀

    Man, I love bees.

    Parenthetically, and thanks to Perry Bible Fellowship, I am unable to watch a video of bees pollenating without correlating it with hardcore pornography. HOT POLYLECTIC ACTION!!!

  2. How do they dance the location of that one? Is there a bee dance for, “Dude! It’s right outside! Just walk outside and it’s RIGHT THERE!”

  3. My Grandfather had about 15 hives in Ypsilanti, Michigan back in the 60”s. I used to help him harvest the honey and package it for sale. This video is SO cool! I remember holding clumps of clover to attract bee activity while Grampa smoked the hives and retrieved honeycomb. I wanted to start some of my own hives, here in the suburbs, but was told in no uncertain terms that the bees were a menace. And, yes, it’s true: bees will leave you alone, will NOT sting, unless you aggravate them.

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