1. Well, I’m working on the Red Cross relief effort in Mississippi and we’re all watching the river to see what it does. So, I’m kinda over everything except that looming flood working its way down to the Gulf. Everything else is…meh.

  2. I was totally over everything last year, man. I’m totally into everything now. It’s really new. You probably haven’t heard of it.

      1. Thanks for your concern (or morbid curiosity – either one is cool with me). It happened at work. I was on a storage shelf in the stockroom and fell about 8 feet to a concrete floor. In addition to the wrist, I also dislocated a finger and got a hairline fracture on the other wrist. Luckily I landed on my side, distributing the impact across my whole body, which is probably why I wasn’t hurt worse. I’m lucky as hell I wasn’t paralyzed or even killed.

  3. Last night I went into a dealership for a quote. I was stuck there for an hour and a half while the salesman did his silly back and forth game and my only entertainment while I waited for him to pick the lint out of his belly button was Sarah Palin and Dennis Miller on Fox News. I was over that PRETTY DAMN FAST.

  4. Me too, daydreaming about being alone…tired of NO sunshine, tired of the rain, tired of the “rapture retards”, (sorry not pc, no not sorry…), tired of my cats bringing me the toy mouse only to stare at me when I throw it for them…tired of the collections calls…etc etc

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