• Rounhouse

    It’s funny how we used to make fun of this show, but most of the people I know would watch it all the time. Sure, he’s a weird old hippy, but wat a fascinating thing to watch! Good stuff.

  • Julia S.

    I never saw the end of the paintings because he was so soporific and I was always so full of sugary cereals I would pass out. But I loved him anyway…

  • I love this show. Happy trees!

  • This is my favorite thing you’ve ever posted. His program babysat me after school. And let me eat candy til my mom got home.

  • Reverend Bob

    Man I miss Bob Ross!

  • He always reminds me of being home sick from school, in a bed made up on the couch, eating Ritz crackers. Sometimes I wonder how much he had to do with my decision to study art. His painting style is rather cheesy and he uses house painting brushes, but he taught me how paint works – how to mix it, how to apply it, what the names of the colors of oil paint are. I watched a ton of public television as a kid, and I learned lots of things I never learned in school.

  • Dale

    Just once I wanted him to create highlights in those pine trees by dabbing his afro into the paint on the canvas.

  • spoon

    Soporific and yet suspenseful. I always waited with anticipation for the moment he would gently wipe a large streak of paint across the canvas, making it look like a disaster, then cool-as-can-be incorporate it into the painting foreground.

  • DreamDevil

    So this is the guy Patton Oswald talks about? Truly fascinating watching skilled work being performed.

  • Tyler

    The world needs more television where people behave and speak calmly. How refreshing. This is great to see again.

  • Humos

    Just a reminder that the possibility to quickly create nice and detailed colourful pictures existed before Photoshop.