1. Yeah, it was worn & tattered at the edges. They’ll probably build a new deluxe casino for a few billion dollars. The low stakes & reasonable drinks will be gone.

    The town was better when the mob ruled it.

  2. I didn’t even realize it was still open other than as a location for conventions. I know it was connected to what – Paris – or something through back passageways, but in the past dozen years I was only ever in the place for work meetings and wasn’t even aware they still actually had a casino floor.

    I know it had a great history, and was one of the few remaining old school casinos, but one thing the city’s gotten right over time – don’t hang on to things for nostalgia purposes… there’s always room for new nostalgia to be created.

    Now, if only they’d get rid of the excalibur, and disallow underage kids from casinos entirely (rooms and all!) and….

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