This is the first I heard of it. I wonder how long before somebody takes it too far and dies.


Acton Beale, 20, originally from Tannum Sands near Gladstone in the state’s central region, fell from a high-rise building on Sunday morning when he tried to plank on a balcony railing.

Planking involves a person lying face down in a rigid position at random locations and posting photos of the act on the internet.

Opposition police spokesman John-Paul Langbroek says the craze is dangerous.

“[It] really just shows that these fads that people are coming up with really can have tragic consequences if they are not careful,” he said.


  1. When I saw this today I thought for sure this was from The Onion. One of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard of. Planking. Are they crazy bored in Australia or what?

  2. I didn’t know what it was either until I read a news report about the guy that died. So, what’s the appeal of planking, anyway? I do that every time I go to bed.

  3. <– I thought of it first!

    To start us off:
    – On a whale at Sea World
    – Between two golf carts in motion
    – On a block of ice
    – On a griddle
    – On a balcony railing …oh wait, scratch that one
    – On the counter at Subway
    – On stage at a strip club
    – At a bank teller wicket
    – Between shelves at a liquor store
    – In the driveway of a school before final bell

    1. Yes! I knew i’d seen the game but not heard this term. It’s been bugging me all day… The Lying Down Game goes waaaaay back.

      Still no Extreme Ironing deaths though?

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