1. It’s always sad to see an iconic Vegas casino go away, and I’ve had the pleasure of being kicked out of the Sahara (among others). That said the “locking of the door” swan song is slightly less spectacular than the casino implosion swan song.

    1. The closing-of-the-doors swan song has a lot more pathos, I think. Or it would have had, if it weren’t for that drunken cretin trying to claim bragging rights for being the last loudmouth slag to be escorted through the exit of the Sahara.

      1. Incredulous, Vegas has thrived on drunken cretins and the beautiful ridiculousness of the town begs for endings to be spectacular, not passive aggressive. The Sahara, and the like, weren’t built on quiet sunsets, they were built on unpredictable spontaneity and impulsiveness. Drunken loudmouth slags are probably as high on my list as they are on yours, but so are judgmental, whiny, sentimentalists.

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