1. “So I’ll just make sure I am looking both ways. Good. Now I will just reach forward and streeeetch my arm. Oh that’s nice. Maybe one more good streeetch. Feel the burn! Whew. I’m getting tired. Might just stop and, whoa, what’s going on back there? Does someone want a piggy back ride? Sure I’ll be happy to bring you along and AAAAAH! WHAT’S HAPPENING?! AAAAAA! EVERYTHING IS A BLUR! I SHOULD HAVE TOLD MY FAMILY MORE OFTEN THAT I LOVED THEM! Oh. I’m back on the ground again. Must have been a hurricane. I’ll have some story for the kids at dinner which is (checking watch) oh good, only 16 hours from now…”

    1. It’s those Freddy Kruger hooks at the ends of their paws. I’ve heard that they can swing a claw pretty quickly, and that their main defense is that the claws are packed with bacteria. They aren’t very accurate with them, but it only takes one strike to infect someone.

  2. That’s about how fast I run…
    Half-mile for school on Thursday. Ugh. I plan on shooting myself in the foot, or perhaps moving to Canada…

    1. You can do it! I was coerced into doing a 5k for work (a client wanted a large team). I HATE running and so haven’t ran at all since middle school but I was so jazzed that I was able to do it I’m running with a friend every weekend now!

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