WTF of the Day

From The Guardian:

A man has killed and beheaded a British woman in a supermarket on the Spanish holiday island of Tenerife.

The man attacked the unnamed 60-year-old woman in a Chinese supermarket in the resort town of Los Cristianos, Arona, severing her neck with a knife and then rushing on to the street carrying the head.

Passersby and security guards tried to stop him and he was eventually caught after an Italian man on a motorbike knocked him to the ground by hurling a helmet at him. The man tripped over and fell to the ground, with his pursuers managing to restrain him until police arrived.

The alleged killer is an unemployed Bulgarian apparently well known in the town and occasionally given to loudly proclaiming himself to be God on earth. The 28-year-old man lives in the town.

(via Slog)

  • Bongo

    and you still don’t believe it’s the end of days?

  • Terry

    Having your head severed would be a real day ruiner

  • There can be only one!

  • jen

    could there be more nationalities in this story?

    • That’s what I was thinking. I thought for a minute I was reading some kind of truly horrific logic or memory problem.

    • Circe

      Welcome to the wonderful world of Popular European Holiday Destinations.

  • Mike K

    Kind of ironic that the assailant was stopped by being hit with a piece of head protection.

  • Reverend Bob

    Well to be fair… she had WAY too many items in the express lane.

  • Justin

    This is so typical of god!

  • kate

    something similar happened on a greyhound bus here in Canada a few years back, the other passengers were totally traumatized.
    beheading is definately the most horrifying decapitation one could witness i imagine

  • MarvinTPA

    When you talk to god, thats religion, when god talks back, thats mental illness.

  • jim.buck

    My bet is that the Bulgarian male is a destitute paranoid schizophenic who acted in response to command hallucinations. Julian Jaynes suggested that the command hallucinations experienced by some modern schizophrenics— and the commanding voice of God heard by the ancient prophets–had a common ancestor in the bicameral mind:

  • Michelle

    I have a mentally ill adult son, and this is truly horrifying. “He was well known to the town” I believe they said. Like my son, this man has “rights” and can roam the streets, but where were the rights of the woman killed?

  • Ty

    That’s no way to get ahead in life.