1. Hey, I live in California and when one opened here the drive-thru line was wrapped all around the wal-mart parking lot. It was like that for the four saturdays after it opened. And it’s not like they’re aren’t two others within 30 miles. Good burgers, but can’t say they’re worth all that.

  2. After growing up in the Midwest, I’ve eaten at In n Out three different times in the past couple of years (twice on trips out west, once since I moved to a city that has multiple locations).

    It’s…consistently disappointing. I’ve given it three chances to prove it’s worth the hype, and it’s been entirely mediocre every time. Average fries, ok burger, and that’s it..

    Of course, I miss White Castle immensely, and can now enjoy some Chick-Fil-A (my alternative for strangely Jesus based fast food vs In n Out), so take those for what it’s worth..

    1. JB you know what White Castles slogan should be? “Seemed like a good idea at the time”. I love that stuff but pay later…..

  3. @Joe Blow, hype kills everything. A hamburger is not going to change your life, but putting In & Out below White Castle, which is 2 a.m. drunk food and tastes the same fresh as the frozen offerings in the super-mart and the most over hyped hack food ever, Chick-Fil-A? I’ll just agree to disagree on this one.

    Being from Los Angeles, I’ll take a Tommy’s burger first, but an In & Out Double Double animal syle? So good. Conversely, since there seems to be regional animosity over hamburger chains – just got a Five Guys in my neighborhood – yawn.

    1. The product offered by White Castle is *way* different than In n Out. I wasn’t a White Castle fan at first — we grew up with them when I was a kid — but when I moved to Chicago, I just kind of got it…and it became something I seriously craved (a mix of cheeseburgers and chicken sandwiches, with pickles on an onion steamed slider bun) every weekend after I played baseball. The onions and buns…such a tasty flavor..

      I don’t get that from In n Out *at all*. It’s a burger on a bun. Nothing else. Just not a memorable flavor..

      I only like Chick-Fil-A now because it’s kind of like Sonic: a food you always saw advertised but could never have. So I like it more because I can have it now. I could always have Sonic when I was little…

  4. Tried them when I was in LA last year after all the hype on here mostly, was ok but it’s just a burger. Seeing them actually chip real potatoes was nice, but they were still just chips (or fries to you guys). Nothing special at all.

    1. I lived in Texas during the arrival of Krispy Kreme, and it was just like this. Jammed streets, cops directing traffic, the works. It’s a phenomenon that appeals to three Texas sensibilities at a stroke: sitting in your car for hours, eating something that’s bad for you, and having a spot on the bandwagon.

      1. If only you could find some way to add guns and watching football to the three you listed – some might think you’d found heaven on earth.

        No Krispy Kremes up here, so the big thing is when somebody drives across the border and brings back a vanload for resale. Might be more profitable than marijuana…

        Just to clarify: I’m not trying to pick on Texans. In fact, we have a similar group here – we call them Albertans! Cowboys, oil drillers, and rednecks that drink beer and watch football. (They get to choose between CFL and NFL)

  5. I would never wait in a line that long for a burger (or ANY food), even if the waitresses were topless.

    Besides, this guy is critiquing others while he’s driving alone with a video camera in one hand, filming through his crinkly-tinted side window. That must just be a town full of stupid people.

  6. I can’t be the only person hoping for some redneck Texan to roll up in a monster truck and drive across all those cars and then grab a burger and a shake…

  7. I’ve never had a burger better than the ground Angus chuck burger that I make on my backyard grill. The key ingredient? Fresh beef.

  8. I am completely flabbergasted by all this tantrum about the merits and flaws of all these burger joints chains.
    I mean, they are just big corporate entities offering cheap, unsophisticated, industrial food with some whimsical “concepts” and cloned fake identities to try to differentiate from each other. It’s all stinking grease and gaudy plastic.

    If you childhood has been defined by these companies, whoa, it’s sad.

  9. If you pass someone on the street looking up quizzically, you might glance up yourself for a second to see what he’s looking at. Then again you might not.

    If you pass three people looking up quizzically, you’ll probably at least glance up, and you may even pause for a moment to try and figure out what they’re looking at.

    If you pass twenty people all looking up quizzically, you’ll probably take a moment to stop and try to see what they see. The next guy will therefore see twenty-one people looking up quzzically, making it that much more likely that he’ll stop too

    There comes a point where enough people are doing something stupid that others start to do the same stupid thing if only so they can figure out why everyone else is being so stupid. I mean they have to be doing it for a reason, right?

  10. @Venture Free
    Got it.

    But we live in the Internet age, you can quickly get an idea why all these people are gawking up like idiots.
    I mean, I don’t live in US, and I know what In ‘n Out is. I have no idea of what their food tastes like, but I know it’s burgers. I think I would try it if I had the occasion (I like to be consistently disappointed, I guess), but not to the price of being stuck in a jam for hours.

  11. I like In-n-Out, but it’s not the best thing in the world. Great for fast food burgers, but clearly there’s no “fast” involved in this line. The fries are good so long as you eat them right away too. They rank above McD, BK, Carl’s Jr/Hardees, and White Castle. About the same as 5 Guys in my opinion.
    However, there are probably a half dozen (non-fast food) hamburger places within a few miles of my place that have better burgers. Granted they’re a bit pricier, but if I really want a burger I’m not really concerned about $4 vs $10… unlike some of the crazies in these videos, I’m only a 1-burger-a-month kind of person, and you get what you pay for.

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