• Joseph N. Welch

    I have a sudden urge for a game of Centipede.

  • Ben

    For extra fun, re-watch this video while listening to this in the background, like 5 minutes in:


    I guarantee you it will be awesome.

    • Ack

      Wise selection, Ben. Truly mesmerizing.

  • Venture Free

    You can actually watch the bifurcation leading into and out of chaos. It’s fun to try and mark the moments when one undulating line becomes two, when two lines become four, and so on.

  • Stephen

    This actually made my day

  • MarvinTPA

    I used to do this with the X and Y inputs on my oscilloscope, different sort of display, but same underlying patterns. Fascinating.

    • Rampage_Rick

      That’s probably what Spock was always looking at in that scanner of his…

      • No. This is what Spock was always looking at through his scanner.

  • outeast

    Well, just made one with my (preschool-aged) kids – and a broomhandle braced across 2 chairs, tape, cotton, and 15 Christmas-tree baubles. Wasn’t quite as flawless, but a great little sciencey project nonetheless! So cheers for posting this video, Chris:)

  • TDavis

    At one point the pattern was rather eerily similar to the DNA helix.

  • Michelle

    Can’t watch too long, may give me a seizure!

    • Rampage_Rick

      You really want a seizure?

  • Rob-Ert

    i want to make one. where can i get the plans?