1. The Patron Silver is the most reasonably priced item on the receipt. Which is odd because at a normal bar it is one of the more expensive items. And paying $25,000 for a bottle of booze is just stupid whether you have money or not.

    1. And for $25k a bottle you’d think they’d spell it right on the receipt. It’s EU, not UE in “Veuve Clicquot”.
      Regardless, it’s a 15 liter bottle, so it’s not quite the bad deal I initially thought it was.

      1. It’s a non-vintage so still hysterically overpriced. More than 50% more expensive than the ’00 Dom. At least the 25k 6 litre Dom was from a good vintage.

  2. I learned along time ago to drink the good stuff at first then switch to the cheap crap as the night went on. At that point its about the buzz and not the flavor as the buds get numb.

  3. Grey Goose at $14 a shot or $475 for the bottle?

    26 x $14 = $364
    A two-six of Grey Goose is $50 here.

    The real question is whether the bottle they bought was a 26 or a 40? The biggest bottle you can buy here is a 1.75L (about 60 shots) for $110

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