• HehHeh

    It is Texas, after all…

    “Melly here’s a home maker. And I’m a queer chaser and beater”
    (From Family Guy, as Peter and Lois meet their new neighbors while staying at Lois’ sister’s house in Texas)

  • dude

    What do you tell a child about it if you haven’t talked to them about sex yet?

    “It’s a penis”

    • John


      It is high-strung, tight assed people who cannot answer the question, “What is that?” to their children who end up with problems.

  • outeast

    I’d be complaining. That’s a hideous reproduction.

    • Tyr

      Hah, that’s the first thing I thought too. Typical front lawn kitsch. And who could get offended by David’s penis ? It’s such a tiny little thing, there’s even a theory it’s shrunken with fear from gazing at Goliath.

  • Who lives there, Naven R Johnson? Stay classy Abilene.

  • What I find most upsetting is the poor quality of the reproduction. It’s atrocious.

  • Imhotep

    My favorite part is the girl reading from her iPhone: “some art needs to be left in the dog-gone museum.”

  • Ninabi

    Statue is definitely under dressed for Texas. Slap a cowboy hat on him.

  • magpie

    Wow, you yanks sure are prudes.

  • danielle

    um, ok, so #1 it’s not about sex, it’s about anatomy. #2, you’ve never actually complained to the owner but you expect them to know you’d like it taken down. just how dumb is this town?

    • Justin

      Conflating sex and anatomy is one of the more annoying problems in the US.

    • John

      Technology like Twitter, email, FaceBook, cell phones, etc. have caused us to be unable to SPEAK to someone like our own neighbors.

      You don’t like the statue and are on television expressing your discontent and you haven’t even talked to the person yet!

      This is one reason why it is difficult to teach children because parents are f*cked up.

      I say ERECT a Venus de Milo statue right in front of the David statue.

      “Mommy, what are the statues doing?”


      • outeast

        Meh. Passive-aggressive hostility, gossiping and bitching behind people’s backs, etc etc have all been part and parcel of community life since time immemorial. Attributing it to technology is a rather strong claim, to say the least…

  • Rampage_Rick

    – Nobody has knocked on their door to ask them to move it.
    – “If the chance arises this weekend, then I will go over there and ring the doorbell”

    Um, you have time today to speak to a news crew and beg (on camera) “Take the statue down, please. That’s it.” But you’re too busy to walk to his front door TODAY and speak face-to-face? How petty…

    It seems that rather than bringing up the issue with the homeowner directly, they’re trying to drum up pressure from the anonymous public at large.

    • flychinook

      Yeah, I liked that one too. “If the chance arises…” What is it, maybe two blocks from her house?

      I’m so glad I left Texas last year.

  • Danno

    Hang your hat on THAT Texas.

  • schwat

    why would this necessitate a “sex” talk? they mean like “gender” talk? apparently no baby boys are born in that town.

    • outeast

      Quite. (I amused myself for a moment or two by imagining how the good folk of that community would respond if a neighbour actually chose to raise his or her children without drawing a clear and definite line between the sexes… I’m guessing that would trigger rather significantly more outrage among the prudes.)

  • peach

    How long before someone neuters the statue I wonder?