• Tina

    I like the woman in the background’s total WTF face. Because seriously, WTF.

    • DJRJ00

      You just gave me the idea for this image

  • Steve

    He’s right.

    If the argument is that we have a right to free health care, he is correct.

    That is not the argument though. It isn’t free health care we are after. It is government run healthcare. There is a huge difference, because government run healthcare isn’t free. We pay for it with tax dollars.

  • dude

    He’s not right. If I have a right to the pursuit of happiness and that means eating gallons of Ben and Jerry’s, I still cannot take it from the store without paying.

  • woj1s

    This just in,

    Police officers, Firemen and Teachers unite to be freed from their shackles. They have been oppressed long enough!!!

  • John

    I’m a Canadian and it’s funny; I’ve never considered going to my MD’s house and dragging him out into the street to give me medical care, but now I totally will! I didn’t even realize that was on the menu. I’ve been missing out all these years… Also what’s up with this ‘free’ crap? I hope I kept all the receipts from my medical expenses… Someone at the hospital has some ‘splainin to do!

  • Ninabi

    The one thing conservatives always defend is the military. And the military has…free (or very well subsidized) health care. Tricare covers cancer treatment. Occupational therapy. Speech therapy. Orthopedic surgeries for broken bones. You know, those health problems that sometimes get in the way of our inalienable right to life.

    No military members go banging on the doors of the captains and colonels of the armed forces medical groups. It’s the closest thing we have to socialized medicine in this country and ironically it’s under the auspices of conservatives’ beloved sectors of government, the military.

    • WordyGrrl

      I’ve always been amused by that irony, too. The free, on-demand healthcare I got in the military was great. Never had to worry about going bankrupt over a broken leg or whatever.

      Had no idea I was fighting for the freedom for Americans to go without healthcare if they couldn’t afford it.

  • Barbwire

    This is specious resoning, if you can even call it reasoning. How do people like him ever get elected to anything?

  • Justin

    The shitty part about democracy is that he represents Kentucky really, really, really well.

  • Amos

    You have the right to an attorney. The court may appoint one if you can’t afford your own.

    Strange, though… the lawyers never noticed they were slaves.

  • retep

    Everyone absolutely has a right to water. That shit falls from the sky.

  • Tyr

    Hey Rand, you might want to read the UN declaration of human rights that the US voted for quite a long time ago now :

    “Article 25.

    (1) Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.”

  • WordyGrrl

    I love the argument some folks make: “Well, you need food and shelter to live. You’re saying that should be free, too?”

    You can grow your own food, build your own house, but good luck performing your own emergency appendectomy.

    Nobody is saying medical professionals shouldn’t be compensated for their skills.

  • Chad

    Slavery my ass. What a rediculous argument. That’s utter nonsense!