• Holy Keno, Batman! You got served!

  • Looks like Batman gained a bit of a ponch….

  • klaatu

    That guy must feel so proud…beating up an overweight street performer…can’t wait until he tackles the mimes in The Paris

  • Stephen

    Violent encounter indeed. I found the “Remix” version on Youtube quite hilarious though

  • McGee

    Is there a story behind this?

    • What happens in Vegas, Stays on YouTube.

      • outeast


      • pvc

        People should keep that in mind next time they’re on the strip and are tempted to invite an ‘entertainer’ to their room.

  • DreamDevil

    Next stop, Arcam Asylum.

  • Kelsey

    Going to Vegas for the first time next weekend. No clue what I’m getting myself into. Cyni-tips anyone?

    • Stay at a hotel on the Strip (not past the Wynn though).
      Don’t listen to the people who try to offer you a free show (they’re annoying time share scammy people), only eat the buffets at Mirage, Bellagio, Wynn or Planet Hollywood, and under no circumstances should you ever

    • popdat

      If you’re going to use call girls, beware, they cost at the very least $400 an hour for simple manual activities.

  • Rampage_Rick

    Batman is just not having a good time lately:


    • outeast

      Aaargh! Underarm sweat!

      Worse: evident pride in underarm sweat!

      Thanks a lot, man.