1. That guy must feel so proud…beating up an overweight street performer…can’t wait until he tackles the mimes in The Paris

  2. Violent encounter indeed. I found the “Remix” version on Youtube quite hilarious though

      1. People should keep that in mind next time they’re on the strip and are tempted to invite an ‘entertainer’ to their room.

  3. Going to Vegas for the first time next weekend. No clue what I’m getting myself into. Cyni-tips anyone?

    1. Stay at a hotel on the Strip (not past the Wynn though).
      Don’t listen to the people who try to offer you a free show (they’re annoying time share scammy people), only eat the buffets at Mirage, Bellagio, Wynn or Planet Hollywood, and under no circumstances should you ever

    2. If you’re going to use call girls, beware, they cost at the very least $400 an hour for simple manual activities.

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