• village idiot

    Well done!

  • Mike K

    That looks like it took a LOT of work, but it paid off!

  • Matt

    Very impressive. I’d love to see a follow-up once the water subsides, with hope that their levees held.

    Just out of curiosity, though: what language were they speaking in the video?

  • Piri

    he should send his insurance company a bill for the the preventative measures he took that saved them $$$$$

  • Impressive. I can’t imagine how much planning that took. But, if you live in that area, I suppose you’re used to flooding.

  • d

    Is anyone else hoping that he maintains the moat after the flood recedes?

  • TDavis

    According to the comments, the water is going down and he has apparently won the battle. Now, IMHO, he needs to make the moat permanent and install a drawbridge and portcullis!

  • peach

    He might as well make that permanent since it will only flood again and again and again.