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Pic of TSA Agents Searching Baby at KCI Sparks Outrage:

A picture of Transportation Security Administration agents patting down an 8-month-old baby at Kansas City International Airport has sparked controversy over what constitutes an actual terror threat on airplanes.

The picture was taken on Saturday at KCI by metro pastor Jacob Jester as he was waiting to board a flight to Albuquerque. According to an interview on, Jester said that the child’s mother was being cooperative, but he had never seen anything “quite that bad.”


  1. My question is, are they checking all babies, or was this just an overzealous TSA agent? In all fairness, you could hide a bomb or weapon under the baby’s clothes. They search carry-on luggage for that reason. I’d be more concerned about whether they were careful with the baby, or if they jostled it around like a carry-on item.

  2. They’re doing it wrong. Sending the baby through the x-ray would be a much more effective way to detect explosives.

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