Layne…..sigh. What a waste. They were soooooooo good.

    The raw amazingness. How do we not have this in music today? Music today is heaps and piles of pure rubbish.

  • CNR

    ….and if I could just add…..this is ridiculously good.

  • I miss Layne. :-/

  • oh

    Only two of them left now.

  • Ben

    I’m enjoying this Grunge Renaissance, Chris.

  • jen

    so awesome, so sad. Saw them at lollapalooza in 93. The good old days…

  • Brandon C

    Actually Oh, this guy is Mike Inez (not the deceased Mike Starr), who has played with them since ’93. He’s alive and well. I even got stoned with him a few years back. Too stoned.

    First concert, and favorite band ever.