1. I made lasanga for my Mom and Mom-In-Law over the weekend… even with the to-go servings… there was still a ton of it left. I was going to have some tonight… but I am just sick right now. I think the disposal is having lasagna tonight. UGH! Lady, seriously!?!

    1. There was a good one on the lineup after this plays, it’s Paula Deen’s “good friend Melanie” in PD-style making a chocolate covered stick of butter popsicle, it’s hilarious! It’s a popsicle, y’all!

  2. holy sht. seriously? half a fench bread loaf?? thats so freaking disgusting. no one needs that much food in one serving.,that should feed a small family!

  3. Honestly, it’s not about the fat/grease content…it’s the fact that she just insulted lasagna by turning it into finger food. LASAGNA IS NOT A FINGER FOOD!!!

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