Ted ‘Golden Voice’ Williams Heads Back To Rehab

Not headed toward a happy ending:

When we last heard about the homeless man with the golden voice, TED WILLIAMS was experiencing a roller coaster ride. WILLIAMS had signed a deal to star a new show called “Second Chances at Life.” The show was to document his struggles with alcohol abuse and life on the streets (NET NEWS 2/25). But it wasn’t all good news for WILLIAMS, as KRAFT didn’t bring him back, and his TV ads were pulled, and the CLEVELAND CAVALIERS’ job offer was pulled.

Now, EONLINE reports WILLIAMS is returning to rehab yet again.”WILLIAMS’ manager tells E! NEWS that his decision to head back to rehab is not due to a drug relapse. He claims the problems are all ’emotional.'” His manager AL BATTLE told E that after a joint decision between WILLIAMS and himself, they’ve decided to send him back to ORIGINS IN TEXAS, to commit to a 90-day program.”